September 30, 2009

Hello. ummm.. i don’t know what; but i found some cool things out about the boys;

&&i finished my GD Project. So keep your fingers crossed!;

here it is..

GDProject-1.jpg picture by vangmonie

yeah; not the best i know.. but i tried right?;


vangmonie intro

September 21, 2009

HELLO GUYS; alot of you guys probably don’t know me.. well for intro i’m monie. i’m young and NOT able to drive… also i like in a state that is UNpopular and there is like NOTHING HERE. but one thing is that i LOVE KPOP; and mostly i love my seventeen boys; taeyang,seungri,g-dragon,T.O.P.,daesung, minho, onew, key, taemin, kimjoong, jay, wooyoung, khun, taecyeon, junsu, changsung, junho;
so most of the things i post here will be about them..
sure i might go back and forth on things i’m doing.. and life
and all that.. but mostly about my boys.. so please do enjoy and leave a comment of something..